A view from Arnemuiden to Awashima+   2015

JCE Amsterdam
 In this presentation, I tried to view three filedwork based projects I have conducted from 2005 to 2013.

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opening speech by Menno Fitski (curator Asia Art, Rijksmuseum)
photo by: Hiroshi Ono

Hamano Oinarisan A pine wood tale  

The Setouchi Trienale 2013, Awashima
Hamano Oinarisan is a Japanese Inari god and her shrine near the beach on Awashima. In this empty shrine, Hamano Oinarisan tells 'A pine wood tale' in which a trickster-like child and a red ogre are playing together.
When I was researching on memories of the island, an image of a pine wood kept reoccurring although one could no longer see this graceful view along a beach, as it was spoilt by termites. This pine wood embraces and conceals things, like a border between this world and the other world.
I have re-arranged fragments of memories from the island into an imaginary tale which unfolds around a pine wood, into an intimite shrine space.

This spatial work consists of wall drawing, sound, animation and bookwork.

photo by: Yoshinobu Motoda
shrine, plaster wall, pencil, color pencil, ink, water color, animation, sound, artist book 'Hamano Oinarisan A pine wood tale'

H 3 x W 4.1 x D 3m
you can see details of bookwork 'Hamano Oinarisan A pine wood tale' here.
animation stills

you can view the animation here.
 a view of animation projection outside.

Kokiriko kokiriko kokkiriko   2012

as a private assignment, i made wall drawings.
 this spatial work was inspired by this drawing.
photo by: Ayako Nishibori
Satchan's midnight garden   2009

outLINE, Amsterdam, Holland
 an imaginary girl called Satchan is reading out the book,
'MIRRORED MEMORIES' and expanding her imagination into the gallery space of outLINE.
this spatial work is based on the bookwork published by SieboldHuis.
drawings on paper and wall, animation projected on the wall, sound, charcoal, gouache, pastel, ink, wood, speakers, wire, papier-mache and other objects

approx. H 3.5~7 x W 9 x D 3~5m

photo by: Shinji Otani
animation stills
DVD PAL 4:3, soundtrack & music 14min 33sec

you can view the compilation here.

workshop for children
november 21st, 2009
picnic in midnight garden
november 29th, 2009
press release
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SieboldHuis, Leiden, Holland
 this presentation with spatial work and bookwork 'MIRRORED MEMORIES' has pulled two major projects, -'arnemuidenproject (2003-2006)' and 'kubotsuproject (2007-2008)'-, together and became a total new work.
bookwork, drawings on paper and wall, chalk, animation projected on the circled wooden panel, sound, speakers, wire, papier-mache and other objects

approx. H3 x W12 x D14m

photo by: Henni van Beek
details for the bookwork are here.

i saw a dream of Kubotsu.
chapter 3

KAAP, Fort Ruigehoek, Groenekan, Holland
the third chapter of the exhibition from Kubotsu project.

two rooms of the fort Ruigehoek have turned into a way to the 'chinkapin forest'. during the Kubotsu project, 'chinkapin forest' located in the mountains of Kubotsu appeared in a story told by an old man. since the artist could not find the forest after her search in the mountains in Kubotsu, 'chinkapin forest' has become an imaginary forest in a dream world of Kubotsu, in Holland.

the chinkapin forest
deep in Kubotsu
where memories gently arrive and dream

if you want to reach the chinkapin forest
follow the 'somen' street
the racoondog's tail
in the stillness of the sea

the little boy is a dear friend of the chinkapin forest princes
no one has ever seen her before

the racoondog the little boy
trickster of Kubotsu
deep in the sea mountains

(translation of the Dutch text written on the floor)
wood, chinkapin nuts, salt, mirrored text on the floor, animation/video, photos
(approx. H3 x W12 x D14m)
animation/video stills are here.
chindon racoondog drum performance has continuously circled along chinkapin forest path.

click here to see performance in compilation video.

video stills by: Krzysztof Wegiel
i saw a dream of Kubotsu.
chapter 2

OPEN STUDIO, CCA Kitakyushu, Japan
the second chapter of the exhibition from Kubotsu project.

in chapter 1, the work was meant to be closely experienced in Kubotsu village, the context where direct sources for works lay. in chapter 2, a part of the work jumped out of this context and placed itself in a neutral studio space far away from Kubotsu. here the work was intended to be experienced with distance, as far memories from elsewhere.

materials: approx. 400 photos and cut-out photos, fishing gut, binoculars
(approx. H4 x W5 x D8m)
i saw a dream of Kubotsu.
chapter 1

the old Kubotsu clinic, Kubotsu, Kochi, Japan
the first chapter of the exhibition from Kubotsu project.

the old Kubotsu clinic was transformed into a space where memories of Kubotsu village from different generations playfully encountered each other. drawing, animation, sound, and photo works based on collected stories, sound and images of the village both from the past and the present, became a constellation work. a new world of Kubotsu appeared in this spatial arrangement where reality and fantasy continuously merge and disperse.
(approx. H2.3 x W3 x D10m)
about four hundred photos printed on inkjet paper. old photos collected in the village and newly taken photos are spread out in the space. some photos are arranged with cut-outs and fishing gut.
Fukutarosan's room. the doctor's room was separately created so that his strong existence did not appear too dominant in the context of the presentation. you could view the doctor's chair through the peeping hole under the orange TL tube light.
drawings on paper and wall.

see some details.
different sequences of animation/video work were screened on five monitors and one screen outside the building.
 photo documentation by:
Hiroshi Chiba / Masako Ito

animation/video stills

click here to see the compilation video.

Satchan is swinging in a bamboo forest.   2007


spatial arrangement with wall drawings, drawings on paper, sound, animations and other objects.
(approx. H4 x W15 x D4m)

photo by: Henni van Beek
animation stills
water memory mapping   2005

Amsterdam, Haarlem, Rotterdam, Willemstad, Arnemuiden and Vlissingenm, Holland
 this work was presented inside a boat as the final exhibition for arnemuidenproject.

drawing were printed on the walls of the tent which was build inside the boat. video works were projected inside the tent and also on the sail during the night.

please see more pictures here.
 animation/video stills
into/from darkness, Amsterdam   2003

work at the graduation show from Gerrit Rietveld Academy
 there is a white room in which a tent is hung by a pully. inside the white tent, there are six different sized monitors. in those monitors you see about thirty different short video pieces which appear in the fixed rhythm one after another. this room is also filled up with slides, drawings, collages and 8mm film projections.

photo by: Gert Jan van Rooij