ayumi took the train (city night train) back to germany this night... i hope she got back safely.

this is schiphol... we drove back to amsterdam with the car. instead of 8 days on the water, it takes 2.5 hours to get back to where we started. amazing. the contrast between waterway for the boat and the road for the car... that we felt strongly on the way back.

oooohhh the boat is empty again!!

good-bye gerard the skipper




in the end, it turned out to be another beautiful day.

laaast picture together?

daphne is a daughter of remco who is in one of my videoworks! so she came to take a look at her father before he comes back from fishing later tonight!!!! the fishermen's boat ayumi and i saw off on sunday night.

one of the last visiters, i did not know who she was then...


such a cute dance!

sometimes potential audience is so close by, but they prefer eating icecreams in the shadow than taking a look inside the boat....

it is getting warm AGAIN.

very cute picture from the local bucher

i went to visit grie and piet to give a book. it always amazes me how grie and i can share the fantasy. she is more than 80 years old! she took very careful looks, going through page by page.

going to deliver last invitations!

lady arneP

jan roel reading the guestbook in the morning




local cafeteria, KRAB, next to the boat.

ayumi and i made 'sasabune(boat made out of leaves)'. local kids put send them to the water. DIE VAREN!!!!

let meeee take a photoooooo

lieven writing in guestbook... great help for this project

legacy of rainy days

ayumi preparing potato salade for lunch

checking the installation

i am feeling lazy today...

fixing the boat... they don't have to travel until friday anymore...




while we projected video on the sail in the night, we talked to youngsters from Arnemuiden, who were hanging around in the cafeteria KRAB. the girl in the middle is a cousin of Remco who appears in the video work! interesting small remaksi heard about their home town.

sunset in arnemuiden....this is a pretty one.

the former owner Mr. Meerman (right) of the shipyard has visited the boat. he is 90 years old, sharp thinking, full of energy.

ayumi reading japanese newspaper masako left.

lucy making pancakes

wooo, got a pain in my back today.




little girl on the sail

raindrops fallin on sail

beautiful sail!

de meiden van Erremuu, Jessica, Rieneke en Jacintha

small visiter and i

morning disucussion?

back to Arnemuiden

we had to use a rope and make a ladder to climb up the bridge to get to the boat, this is on the way back to our boat. little adventure made ayumi and i really happy. it rained really hard.

these people are the most hard working people i have met in Holland. every movement they make is without any waste. amazing.

lijn de nooier, the skipper of the VLI 25. really nice to see him again. preparing to leave for fishing.



????????????????????????????????????????????Michiel de Ruyterhaven??????????

we met ARM ship on the way, around 21.00... they are going all the way to Norway!!! other ships leave much later.

there have been lot of visiters today... nice meetings with them.

this is the fish shop from Henk Marijs, from Arnemuiden. he took the business over from Maartje, who was one of the interviewees for the research of this project. Henk came to the exhibition also, nice.

ayumi took picrtures today... for me!



may 28, saturday


kids listening to the chorus

lieven and tony kusse dancing along the chorus!!!

mr. van Belzen. he used to be a fisherman. he told me that he used to come very often to this shipyard when he was small. he sang along all the fishermen's songs. i found out that his son is one of the crews of VLI 25, which is a fishermen's boat. i went along with the ship in march 2004 to North sea.

sachi, came all the way from belgium with joeri. she comes from Asagaya where i come from in Japan.

sein, one of the people i interviewed during the research! so happy to see him there.

skippers chorus 'recht zo die gaat' did their last performance in Arnemuiden at the opening.

exhibition space, grie with the white hat liked it very much!

promotion girls for the exhibition! what a surprise. organised by Ms.Wilma v. Belzen from the shop at langstraat.

the opening at the shipyard Meerman

kleine bezoek


may 27 friday


boys from arnemuiden jumping into 'het arne'. nice welcome for us to arrive in arnemuiden. we will move to the shipyard tomorrow for the exhibition.

we are almost in arnemuiden!

this is the arnebridge, where the train runs. earlier time, ships had the priority to cross this bridge, but now the train has the priority...

almost middelburg...

setsukosan, she welcomed us in willemstad! it was a surprise. she is from Japan, she has been living in Willemsatd for already long years.

old city hall in willemstad

beautiful street in willemstad

a part of the star roads

willemstad morning

fanni joined the trip from Willemstad to Arnemuiden. she left at 6am from Amsterdam and went back at 22pm! nice to see her again.


????? ???


jan, from tilburg. he had sake with masako in tokyo last week. and now he comes to willemstad from tilburg.... what a small world.

the lady in the right is the daugther of Corrie, the old owner of the ship. she came to visit her mother's old ship from Werkendam.

we see the windmill of Willemstad!



this kind of big bridge opens only for us. when you think that it is free of charge, you are amazed how much Holland invests in water traffic. we are simply stopping the car traffic like this. lots of buses and trucks.

this is kinderdijk, the house you see in the middle. behind this house, the famous 'child' in a cradle arrived safely during the flood.




who is this?

open the bridge to go to the shower

japanese breakfast

good morning it was a bit cold last night

gerard met kaas



???????????? ?? ????Willemstad??? ??????????????




cooling her hands with ice cube walk...

kasper... came three times today to the exhibition!! he works at the smith in the neighborhood here.

white rice, we will eat japanese tonight! ayumi is the chef.

masako has arrived!! she is in holland for 8 days.


misty and gerard, free day today no travelling

rotterdam cranes, it is a blue sky today

reading rotterdam metro

ayumi reading fashion? magazine one of the visiters has left...'mmmhhhh she is pretty'

after taking shower.. good morning

kathy has left to Rome this morning.




the skipper choir performed at 14.00 at the havenmuseum, they will sing again at 18.00!

here we are at the havenmuseum

we see the havenmuseum..

we see the city of rotterdam

of course... misty is one of the crews on the wmm ship.

always sun shine smile lucy

potato peeling, what are we going to eat tonight??

breakfast smile

looking far...

waiting for the bridge to open...

the boat is rocking... this reminds me of the fisherman's boat i got really sea sick from..... dangerous..

ayumi with orange

fumiko and rie came to the exhibition boat.
fumiko's words




we have just passed Boscoop.

'hefbrug', i thought it was 'hemelbrug'.... i have never seen such a bridge.

we are going through leidendorp....sunshine sunshine.

updating his homepage....?

writing her diary


morning beauty

i slept good

beautiful waterway..

this is the departure point.

the captain with the dutch flag ...TROTS

like a worm.... ayumi is professional camper


????? ???










we are on the way to haarlem....this is the north sea canal

inside the boat

Gerard (skipper)

jan roel

lucy she is the chef of the water memory mapping boat!







martijn en claudia

sachi ???????????? ??????????????? ???ooo?????? ??????????????? ???????????? ?????????????? ??????????????? ?????????????? ?????????????? ???????????? ??????????? ????????????? ??????? ???????????? ????????????? ??????????????? ?????????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? ??????????? ??????? ?????????? ???????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ???? ?????????? greetings ??

shibatasan ???????

clement wow he speaks fluent japanese!

nafiss she just arrived today from iran!



tent in the boat?



??21? ???