(1) - (3): Installation work

There is a white tent (W4m x L6m x HT2m) inside the boat.

Inside the tent, drawings are printed and parly hand drawn with pencil and charcoal on walls and ceilings.

Video/animation work with sound 'water memory mapping' is continuously projected on one of walls.


see details of drawings

In the kitchen space there was 'een memory mapping boek', publication of the project, to be viewed.

This space was also used for people to eat, to meet and to communicate 'water memory mapping' journey with people outside the boat through the Internet.


model: a. kobayashi


after the sunset, video/animation work 'water memory mapping' was projected on the sail.


(4): Book work (een memory mapping boek)

There was a book to be viewed on the boat, which contains drawings, collages and information about the project.


sea sea sea

full of sea

... pieces of waves are shining fishes ...

... small sheafs of hair are ripple pieces ...


... glittering small fishes are blue spots on a summer dress ...

... red coral beads are dewdrops of memories ...

... coloured sea pebbels are tiny hair balls ...


... blue patches on a summer dress are drops of tears ...






read this text








(5): Website
Through the internet, the situation of the exhibition trip was updated on this site.

(6): Performance
the skipperschorus 'Recht zo die gaat' from Raamsdonksveer sang songs from both Arnemuiden and Kubotsu, and some other old fishermen's songs on the boat in Amsterdam (May 20th), Rotterdam (May 24th) and Arnemuiden (May 28th).


Presentation in the Museum Arnemuiden

The exhibition in the Museum Arnemuiden is a part of the final presentation of Arnemuidenproject, together with the traveling boat exhibition. From 14th of May until the end of July 2005, there will be a presentation in which photographic works with documentary character of the project and book work are shown. (Dutch only)